Today was a warm, sunny day

March 12, 2007

Questioning Joe in Red

The first 70+ degree day since last sept. or oct.  YAY!  I came home and my doggy was wagging his tail and crazy to go for a nice long walk…..and so we did.  Walked to the library to get Kristin a new book.  Awww…happy days.

On the serious side, I need to get more stuff up on my etsy shop and develop this blog page more and develop my myspace page more as well.  phew.  I am going to list some of the originals of the repro. prints that I already have up.  I am just trying to get all the descriptions right.  If the snow ever melts away from my back yard so that I can set up out there, I need to photograph my large paintings so that they may be listed too.  I’ll offer them as repro. prints 1st and consider selling the originals later….I am kind of attached to them right now.  I want to get a few stuffed creatures and mosaic tile pieces ready within the month.  This may be a bit ambitious considering how busy I have been and my “real” job is getting very busy (=overtime soon).  BUT  nothing wrong with goal setting….right

 wanna check out out my stuff???  




One comment

  1. Oh he’s so cute and his face reminds me of my little rat terrier Tony. http://deniseculberson.blogspot.com/2007/03/my-litttle-helper.html

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