A Printmaker’s Project

March 17, 2007

In the event that you are a printmaker, or at least someone who wants to give printmaking a whirl, I have come across a sweet project for you.  Select an element from the periodic table (about half are yet to be claimed) and create a print.  Even better, you have until May31 to ship the print off.  This is open for all skill levels (beginner to superhuman), so don’t be shy.  I haven’t created a print in over 20 years, but this project just seemed like too much fun. 

All the guidelines are at the following links:




One comment

  1. Even though I caught this a little bit too late to participate I wanted to thank you for linking to this project. Now, I will at least be able to participate with this as a viewer.

    Thanks for sharing.
    What an awesome idea for a project!

    I always thought the most interesting networking projects were the ones that had themes. It is always so entertaining to see the direction that people take.

    Sassafrass Winter Solstice

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