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Jumped ship…

June 8, 2007

To my devoted and enthralled readership, I’ve jumped blog.

 find me here lovies….



Hello world!

March 8, 2007

Welcome to Oso Azul Design.

 I just wrote a touching 1st blog which was lost because my network went down as I finished spilling my guts to you people.  Forget it.  I am not trying again!  Good night nurse.  Don’t you all just love when that happens.  Golly.

So, anywho…I am here mainly to have a presence while I continue to develop my artsy fartsy side.  Feel free to check out my etsy shop at the above link.  YAY!  I also, have to get my website together and up.  All I really want to do is draw or paint or build something or finish unpacking our house or what EVER!  I do interrupt my daily activities with holding down a full-time “real job” but I am trying to get busy with the stuff that I love to do.  I am cereal people!  and silly…

 Now it is time for tacos….YUM!